Sewvivor – Who La La Hoots (Who La La Crafts)

I know, I can’t believe it, I’m blogging. Say what?! What can I say, life is busy and it is easy to push things aside. So what could possibly be so intriguing to make me stay up till almost midnight describing something I recently quilted? That’s right, it’s Sewvivor and I thought this year I would throw my name in for consideration!

Since I tend to only blog once a year, I will give a brief summary of what has been happening since October of 2013. My twins turned 5, one lost two teeth this last week and I have been sewing…a lot! I’ve always been interested in quilting and dabbled in it periodically over the years, but as of the last year I have been honing my skills and challenging myself to try new things. My most recent experimentation into the crafty unknown was a swap mini quilt I recently did for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap (Round 2).

Finsihed Mini

My initial quilt design had to have foxes because of my partners Instagram name. I used Elizabeth Hartman’s adorable Fancy Fox pattern. I love it.

Fancy FoxFancy Fox Three


Then I have liked the Economy block ever since there was an economy block along on Instagram a few months ago. I followed Rita of Red Pepper Quilts tutorial.

Fox and Economy Blocks

The last piece in the puzzle was teeny tiny paper piecing. My partner really liked tiny piecing and I recently came across some rubber stamp paper piecing templates at Goodwill. Thrifted and crafty? Yes please! I’m very much a novice at paper piecing, but have been looking at different tutorials on YouTube to help boost my confidence.

Thrifted stamps

Teeny paper piecing

The last two blocks were a partial dresden and a block I pulled from Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi. A wonderful Zakka project book that oozes cuteness.

Finished top

One final detail took advantage of some English paper piecing and basic applique.

EPP and Applique detail

Overall the mini isn’t perfect, but it stretched me past my comfort zone and made me a little bummed that I didn’t make one for myself! My partner loved it and even blogged about it. I was blushing all day!