Weekly Pinterest Successes and a Fail Update

Today was the last day of volunteering at my church garage sale, what a ride! I have to say it was a lot of hard work but any excuse to organize crap that isn’t my own is a win in my book. Now, since I’m all motivated and on an organizational high, let us hope that I can use it on the garage and my craft room.

Remember the seed bomb project I did a few weeks ago? I wasn’t sure if it would be successful because some of the seed bombs had started molding. I was testing them for a friend as a possible wedding favor. Well I planted a couple of the moldy ones and guess what happened?

It grew! Success!

We ended up making another couple of batches and added less water, making it almost a damp crumble, but still easy to roll into a clay ball. Over two hundred seed bombs later, three people and staying up till almost 3am, we got them all done and packaged up. So I would say this Pinterest project became a success!

All done!

I had a meeting for Demarle at Home this week, which means cupcakes. I always bring cupcakes, sometimes a cake, but if I don’t show up with something they may not let me in! Not really! I really do it for selfish reasons, I love to bake and I love to see people enjoying my food. So I’m not doing them any favors really, all my guinea pigs and food testers are helping me. I’ve been eying a particular cupcake recipe on Pinterest, but was waiting for blueberry season. So here is the  link to the wonderful recipe for lemon blueberry cupcakes with a lemon curd filling and a mascarpone frosting from There Goes Cupcake.

Get in my belly!

I only changed a few things, and got a yummy cupcake. This is a big recipe and will make 2 dozen cupcakes. I ended up baking a pan of 20 mini muffin cupcakes and about 10 full size cupcakes. I followed her cupcake and frosting recipe and I made a 1.5 version of the lemon curd. She suggested doubling it if you like a lot of filling, but it would have taken 12 egg yolks and I had to leave a few eggs for breakfast!

Lemon curd at proper consistency, coats a back of a wooden spoon.

I had leftover lemon curd anyway and no complaints from me. It took all my self control to not eat it with a spoon…in front of my fridge…with the door open. I also had a lot of leftover frosting, since my family was visiting, I thought I would bake a cake mix cake and fancy it up with some of my leftovers yummies. When I made the lemon curd, I sieved it and was left with a pile of candied lemon zest. I saved it and added it into my cake mix giving it a little extra zing. I also beat the heck out of my cake mixes in my stand mixer, waiting until they turn pale yellow before I bake them. I think it gives them a lovely pound cake like texture. Pour, bake, unmold, slice in half, fill with lemon curd, decorate with leftover frosting and raspberries! Delicious!

Homemade frosting and filling do so much for a cake mix!

The last Pinterest recipe I made this week was lemony shrimp salad with couscous, I ran out of regular couscous and had to sub in the dreaded Israeli couscous. Luckily my twins know not to stick it up their noses now, they have not forgotten the extraction balloon up the nose. For this recipe I cooked the couscous in boiling water for a few minutes until tender and mixed in with the remaining ingredients. It was super fast and delicious. I would definitely make this one again, but I would suggest making it a day ahead of time  or earlier in the day so the flavors have time to absorb. The leftovers were great, so much in fact that I forgot to take a picture of it, we ate it too fast!

Wish me luck this week, I will be watching my nephew all week, as well as my twins and then my sister (who has Downs syndrome and needs constant supervision)  later this week and all weekend! It will be a rambunctious full house here this week! Let us hope I can get some of them to nap! Have a wonderful week!


Cute kid lunches!

If you have toddlers or had, you probably know how once they hit 2 1/2 they learn the word no and seem to use it profusely, especially when it comes to food. My now three year old twins always ask what we’re eating, then after I respond they follow up with a, “I don’t like (insert what’s for dinner).” So irritating. We never have a problem with breakfast, lunch is usually a fight and dinner, well,  I’m working on it.

Maybe you’ve seen some of the adorable kid food ideas out there or the amazing bento boxes some people make. Using these ideas, I needed to make these adaptable for what my kids like to eat, which is mostly peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Really, all you need to make food a little bit more exciting is cookie cutters. A fun shape goes a long way with kids! I discovered that I have a lot of cookie cutters, it’s kind of a problem, they aren’t the easiest things to store! Mine are stuffed in a drawer with some baking items and then the overflow is in a huge hat box. I may need to trim these down a little bit, but since they are helping my kids clean their plates every day, perhaps I will keep them around a little bit longer.

As you can see, I have a few cookie cutters.

So here are a few of my kids lunches, If you have any ideas, please leave a comment! I’m always on the quest for new material for the girls!

Bears and fruit in a silicon cupcake cup.


Ladybugs with fruit flowers.

The very hungry caterpillar, our favorite!

Fish with a string cheese octopus.

The only way to eat snails!

This one was inspired by my seasonal allergies.

Ernie with a mango rubber ducky.

Carrots and rabbits.

Roar! Lions in the grass, I found these grass cupcake wraps at Cost Plus and trimmed them.

I was hoping I could get the sun to come back out!

An apple with a string cheese worm. Black sesame seeds make great eyes!

All of these were from the last few weeks, so you’ll have to wait a while before I can come up with another cache. Hopefully these will keep you fueled for awhile. Finally one last picture, with all this cute food for the kids, enter the reality for us moms.

This is my lunch.